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Escritor, promotor cultural, artista plástico e ingeniero químico, dedicado a la creación y producción cerámica. Ha publicado obras sobre temas de cultura, poesía, historia, química y geometrí,

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Chemical Engineer
Arcopunco 156-Cusco. Phone: 084-248434 / 084-9606162 . Mail :

My professional work is centered in formulating and executing development projects. I have also experience in the production and commercialization of handicrafts in national and international markets. Committed to promoting handicraft production, helping develop products and promoting and creating further education programs for adults working in the field. Am a proven facilitator of working in joint projects where various entities with similar interests are involved, also in involved personnel in goal sharing, resulting in increased productivity. Currently working as Regional Coordinator in PROMPEX Cusco, the national office to improve the Peruvian exports.

2006 - 2007: PROMPEX
Regional Coordinator in Cusco, to promote and develop the exportation in the macro region Sur East.

2004-2006: Aid To Artisans- USAID Project
Regional Coordinator for Ayacucho, Cusco and Puno. This program finished in August 2006, it was focused in develop production and productor for international market. During this work, these regions increased their sales US$ 800,000, about the 80% of the global national goal.

2002-2004: International Development Bank-IDESI Project.
Regional Director in Cusco of the “Program for Competitive Development of Peruvian Crafts”. In this capacity am responsible for organizing, coordinating, promoting, and qualifying the offerings. We provide technical assistance for product development and commercialization for the craftsmen in the region.
In our first year of work we have organized 500 traditional textile weavers into organized groups. To these groups we have been providing training, technical assistance, product organization and assistance in new product development.
2002: Cusco Regional Government-PROMPEX.
Independent consultant in this position Selected and trained artisans for the “Program for the Development of Exportable products from the Artisan Sector"

2001: Project PRA-AID
Independent consultant in charge of making a study on the “Diagnosis of Artisan Activity in Cusco”.
Investigation of the main crafts in Cusco, with studies concerning the main products for export and the workforce involved and economic significance of each line of production.
Defined and studied the handicraft creating population (Población artesanal) in Cusco. The categories studied were: organization of production, high and low seasons, work conditions, productivity and GNP contribution of this sector,
Created a Directory of the main craftsmen, and craft organizations.
Made a situational analysis (FODA) analyzing internal and external factors. Also analyzed the social, technological, financial, commercial and organizational factors of the sector.

1999- 2000 and 1990- 96: Habitat for Humanity- Peru.
Member of the National Board, member of the Managing commission of the Center for Latin American Services, and held other positions that are detailed
1990 to 1997 and 1999 to 2000. Member of the National Board in Peru.
Evaluation of the 15 affiliated existing projects and approval of new ones.
1996. Elaborated the Project for the establishment of the Center for Latin American and Caribbean Services, in Americus Georgia for HFH International, and became a Member of the Managing Commission.
1996 Organized and Facilitated the Advanced training course for Habitat workers in Latin America and the Caribbean, in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala.
1994-99 Director of the project “Illary of Cotohuincho Urubamba”. Chose the eligible families to participate in the project and organized the construction process of 72 houses, where the owners provided a major part of the manual labor.
1993 Director of the project "Las Orquìdeas" in Aguas Calientes- Machu Picchu. In this project of 27 houses were constructed, in the same method as in the “Illary of Cotohuincho Urubamba” project.

1994-1996: SENATI, National School of Technical and Industrial Training.
Technical Specialist. Elaborated the implemented a project for the National Program of Qualification in Ceramics (Through an Agreement with GTZ). Also in charge of producing 12 manuals for this project.

1992-1993 Research and Advice center for Andean Woman Trinidad Enríquez
Director of Technical Consultant’s office. In charge of training and technical assistance for small businesses.

1990-92: Municipality of the district of Santiago-Cusco.
Director of crafts workshops. Established and managed the artisan factories for the Club of Mothers of the district of Santiago. We succeeded in exporting the products.

1987: CORDE Cusco
Technical Specialist. Established and operated government sponsored artisan workshops for different organizations.


· -Current Member of the Board of the American Institute of Cusquenian Art, in charge of the crafts collection.
· -Current Director of the Institute of Artisan Promotion “Inkari”, dedicated to the research and development of handicrafts in Cusco.
· -Helped establish a factory and provided technical assistance in production at the “San Jose” Special Education Center for deaf children in Cusco, 1993.


Trained more than 500 ceramists in Lima, Cajamarca, Huaraz, Ayacucho and Cusco in a joint project between SENATI and the ADEX-AID project, 1994-1996.
Working at the Inkari Institute, we trained craftsmen through agreements with the following organizations: National University of Cusco, MITINCI, CORDE-Cusco, CERVESUR, BHP Tintaya, Arariwa Association, PRONAA, and conducted the International Course of "Techniques of Pre-Columbian Ceramics" for the Interamerican Center of Restoration in agreement with INC-OEA


Have been involved in the export of products from Peru since 1992. Export destinations include: In the USA: Tampa, Florida; Anchorage, Alaska, St. Louis Missouri, and outside the US to Mexico, Spain, Germany and Cape town, South Africa.

Chemical Engineer. San Antonio Abad National University. 1984

Through Habitat for Humanity
2000 Latin American Course: “ Empowerment of National Boards”. Bogotá.
2000 Latin American Course: “Strategic and Participative Planning”. San José de Costa Rica.
1996 Advanced Training Course for National workers. Quetzaltenango. Guatemala.
1996-Advanced Training Course: “Strategic Planning”. Quinquenal. Atlanta USA.

1986 Training Course in Ceramics and the Administration of Artisan Factories in the Center of Artisan Development CEDA, October to December, 1985. Huampaní. Lima.

Capable of conducting a conversation in English. Good reading skills.
Received Certificate upon completing the English program at the ICPNA.


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